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Auris bluMe HD Bluetooth 5.0 Music Receiver with Audiophile DAC and aptX HD


Enjoy a limitless universe of high definition digital music through your existing Hi-Fi audio system. bluMe HD streams the highest quality audio wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled device to any music system or powered speakers.

  • Makes any audio system wireless.
  • Easy setup, connects in seconds. No App or wireless router network required.
  • High fidelity Qualcomm aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, apt X and AAC decoders.
  • Audiophile grade 384kHz / 32bit DAC for superior upsampled playback.
  • High gain antenna for long range streaming up to 30m (100 feet).


Customer Reviews

Based on 260 reviews
Sounds better than a cd

Connected this to my Yamaha receiver and now I can use this with my Boston acoustics speakers. I'm planning on buying my 4th auris bluetooth receiver. It sounds amazing!!!!!

Yes, it BluMe away......HD style!

So I had pretty much written off real “hifi” from bluetooth receivers. Convenient? Super! Listenable? Good enough! Engaging? Not so. Well, when I heard good things about the Auris I thought it might give me a noticeable improvement over my present cheapie bluetooth unit.....even though at barely over hundred bucks the bluMe is pretty much a “cheapie” itself. Well, I beg your pardon Auris! As I listen to my iPad through the Auris bluMe HD while writing this I cannot help but occasionally pause to listen to the music. The sound is so good it’s distracting! Soundstage.....separation....tone’s all there! I consider this little device to be far and away the best bang-for-buck you can spend $100.00 on! Or many times that, really. With the wealth of music, audiobooks, podcasts and movies available online you are nuts to not have an Auris bluMe HD! No offense...but it is true.

Excellent listening experience

The BluMe HD sounds really good nestled in my setup. I have wanted to get one since it was first offered—I knew it would be a well designed product, having been a backer of the original Auris Kickstarter campaign and a fan of the original Auris device.

The BluMe replaced one of those cheap nameless BT receivers they sell on Amazon, and it sounds quite a bit better. I don't know about DAC specs or any of the engineering, all I know is I can hear the Difference.

Excellent sound and design

The sound quality of this device is almost unbelievably good! Honestly I couldn’t be happier
Quality is top notch!


Great sound quality and long range! I have it playing through my Marantz 2250B and I am loving it!

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