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Auris bluMe HD Bluetooth 5.0 Music Receiver with Audiophile DAC and aptX HD


Enjoy a limitless universe of high definition digital music through your existing Hi-Fi audio system. bluMe HD streams the highest quality audio wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled device to any music system or powered speakers.

  • Makes any audio system wireless.
  • Easy setup, connects in seconds. No App or wireless router network required.
  • High fidelity Qualcomm aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, apt X, and AAC decoders.
  • Audiophile grade 384kHz / 32bit DAC for superior upsampled playback.
  • High gain antenna for long range streaming up to 30m (100 feet).


Customer Reviews

Based on 487 reviews
Quality blue tooth receiver

Sets up in seconds, quality sound. I used it for a week and it has never had even of hint of "cut out" or glitching. Way way out performs the blue tooth receiver on our apple TV device or my Samsung television. I use tidal music that has pretty HD/CD quality streaming and it sounds like I have my phone connected by a "hard wire". I have had the non HD auris blueme for several years as well. It has been very reliable and sounds good as well.

Great piece of equipment

Very easy to install. iPhone found bluMe very easily. Sound quality is exceptional. Range is exactly what I needed for my setup. Outdoor speakers sound is 100x better and I thought they sounded good before. I can control music and loudness without getting out of my favorite chair. Life is good!!

Works great with my Samsung 9 with AptX

Samsung 9, and other Samsung phones can play AptX. You can YouTube how to switch from SBC to AptX. Once set your Samsung to AptX it will always switch back to SBC, for some reason, until your receiving unit is turned on. Then it's always on AptX. Sounds amazing!!!

Great little unit!

Having virtually all of my music now on my phone, I am thrilled to be able to play it through my old system. I have a Marantz 2265, and to be able to bluetooth to it with crystal clear sound is just fantastic!

Great sound quality for a demanding listener

I purchased this device to replace a 20 dollar bluetooth adapter I've been using for years. I wanted to see if the faint background noise I was hearing when using Amazon Music would go away. Yes, the noise DID go away. Perfect. Not only did the noise go away, but I notice a more 3D type soundstage and the bass is better for whatever reason. My hunch is the Auris is taking advantage of better quality protocols my iphone has to offer than the older device was using. It costs more than many devices, but this is the best one I have heard so far. Other than the blue LED lamp being on all the time, either solid or flashing when not connected, I don't have any complaints. I cut a black circle of adhesive vinyl and stuck it over the LED. This item has better connect-ability at a distance than cheaper devices. It stays connected to my phone even when I leave the room or go upstairs. I have to remember to disconnect it manually sometimes because of this. If you have a nice stereo and speakers you can hear the difference between this device and many of the cheaper ones. It's great.

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