bluMe True Hi-Fi Bluetooth Audio Receiver has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 131 reviews.

bluMe True Hi-Fi Bluetooth Audio Receiver


Enjoy a limitless universe of high definition digital music through your existing Hi-Fi audio system. bluMe streams the highest quality audio wirelessly from your Bluetooth® enabled device to any music system or powered speakers.

It's a true high fidelity component that uses high-end aptX® / AAC audio streaming codecs and audiophile grade DAC to unleash all the clarity, crispness and full emotional impact your Hi-Fi stereo system can deliver. Unlike standard Bluetooth receivers, bluMe provides ultimate wireless freedom with the longest wireless range.


    Experience stunning, high resolution wireless audio quality thanks to its cutting edge electronics.

    Experience True Immersion

    Audiophile DAC

    bluMe is more than a Bluetooth music receiver; it’s also a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). Digital tracks are simple sequences of code. To turn this code into a signal that speakers can recognize, you need digital-to-analogue converters (DACs for short). bluMe features the world renowned 'Miracle DAC' AK4396 by AKM. It’s a true Hi-Fi 24bit / 192kHz upsampling audiophile DAC sporting a high SNR of 120dB that is well regarded for its impressive low noise and low distortion characteristics. In short, this means that the sound you hear is crystal clear, rich and retains a wonderfully full dynamic range.

    Pure Digital Sound

    Bluetooth, aptX® & AAC

    bluMe applies the latest in Bluetooth technology, the Bluetooth 4.1 to stream any format of music from your smart device, laptop or PC. Most devices use the basic SBC Bluetooth music codec. While this may be okay for some, but if you want great quality, it's simply not good enough. bluMe uses Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and aptX®, a superior performance digital audio codec. This combination of advanced hardware and firmware preserves all the musical detail, dynamic range and full bandwidth response, bringing out the best possible sound from your digital sources, for a sound that is far superior to standard Bluetooth streamed music.

    Always Synchronized

    aptX® Low Latency

    The delay between your TV and speakers is a common problem within many wireless audio solutions. With bluMe, enjoy great movies knowing that picture and sound will always sync perfectly. bluMe features the latest aptX® Low Latency technology that reduces this latency down to less than 40 ms, eliminating lip-sync issues to give you the smoothest audio/visual experience available.


    Superior wireless solution allowing you to enjoy your music while you move around your home with no loss in audio quality.

    Enhanced Wireless Range

    High Gain Antenna

    Limited range and signal dropouts have traditionally plagued Bluetooth audio systems. To combat this issue, bluMe employs special circuitry and a precision-tuned external high gain antenna to extend the wireless range, ensuring consistent, stable, strong, and glitch-free performance for 30 meters (100 feet), providing much more versatility than other Bluetooth receivers.

    Clear Frequency

    High Interference Tolerance

    bluMe's cutting edge technology maintains a robust and balanced wireless sound experience that is unaffected by interference from surrounding wireless networks. This results in superior 24-bit, upsampled audio that will completely redefine your perception of wireless sound.


    bluMe is designed to integrate perfectly with your favorite products for true high resolution audio.

    Designed for Connectivity

    RCA & Optical Out

    bluMe has two high quality gold-plated RCA jacks that operate as analog outputs. Any audio system with a standard analog audio input can connect to bluMe with the supplied RCA-RCA signal cable. For systems that have 3.5mm “mini” jack input, use the supplied RCA-mini cable. bluMe also features a Digital Optical (SPIDF) Out so that you can connect to an outboard DAC or the digital input of a surround receiver, giving you a 100% pure high-res digital signal through to your sound system.

    Play, Plug and Pair

    Simple, Easy Setup

    Pairing any smart device to bluMe is a breeze. Simply push the control button on the front of the unit briefly and it automatically goes into pairing mode. Activate Bluetooth in your smart device, select "auris bluMe " from the list of available devices and you’re ready to rock! bluMe can connect to one smart device at a time, but is capable of remembering up to 8 devices. When more than one device needs to stream through bluMe, just turn Bluetooth off in the first device, turn Bluetooth on in the second, and select "auris bluMe " as the device. There is no need to reset bluMe and press its control button a second time once the device is stored. Even powering bluMe is easy. Draw power from a wall socket, or from the included USB cable, which means you can power it directly from your PC, Laptop, and more recent TVs and sound systems.


    Tune in to your favourite music apps, like Last.fm, Pandora and Mixcloud,
    all wirelessly in Hi-Fi quality.

    Unlimited Music Access

    Every Song, Wirelessly

    bluMe can play any audio source a Bluetooth enabled device can access, opening up a virtually unlimited universe of music to enjoy through your Hi-Fi audio system. So you’re always in control not just of the music that’s stored on your device but also access music streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify, internet radio stations, podcasts and even music libraries connected to a wireless home network...all instantly, wirelessly in Hi-Fi quality.


    True Hi-Fi experience that blends with the finest high-end audio components.

    Solid, Premium Finish

    Aerospace Grade Aluminum

    Result of an elaborate manufacturing process, the chassis is extruded out of aerospace grade aluminum and high quality anodizing provides optimum protection and finish. bluMe is a premium product in every sense which completely blends while sitting next to even the costliest and most attractive home audio components.

    Sounds better than Wired

    High-end DAC, aptX®Low Latency, AAC

    Vast majority of us tend to hard wire our smart devices to an audio system by either using a dock that pulls analog out of the device or by hooking up to the headphone output jack. In both cases the digital signal is processed by cheap low fidelity DAC used in all smart devices. With bluMe the digital signal is processed by its high-end DAC and audio decoders. No wonder bluMe sounds better than wired hookups!





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Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews

If it took 5 mins to have it up and running that was to long. Sound is excellent and it's range is great. Have it connected to a receiver in the house which feeds speakers in the garage and the connection is flawless. No aggravation it simply works.


I use item via xm tablet app to my home theater. Excellent fidelity.

What a great little device

Having previously tried a few other cheaper devices I decided to give the blume a go.

The packaging was great and it came with decent cables to be able to set up and pair you device. Pairing is very simple and the music sounds great.

My only complaint is that it will only come with a us power plug, which is inconvenient for the rest of the world. If you had the choice of selecting your country power plug on check out even of it was so an adapter could be supplied it would be fantastic.

Otherwise it's a quality product that delivers on quality sound.


it blew me away! So easy to use and enjoy Sound quality is excellent!

Happy Customer

Really happy with product.. Good quality and performance.. Simple to use..