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Add Bluetooth Connectivity To Your Favorite Audio System!

Without compromising sound quality

Connect To Any Existing Stereo Amplifier, AV Receiver, Or Powered Audio System And Stream All Your Music From Any App Or Device

  • Long Range! Up To 100ft/30m
  • Fast & Easy Setup (2mins)
  • Audiophile Digital To Analog Converter (DAC)

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Free Shipping &
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Superior Design &
Sound Quality


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1-Year Warranty

"Auris raises Bluetooth audio quality by adopting the latest Hi-Res standard."

"You can easily move between rooms without the music cutting out."

"The Auris bluMe is a great and affordable way to add Hi-Res Bluetooth streaming to your home audio."

how it works



Connect bluMe HD to your receiver with the included cables.



Pair using Bluetooth with your phone, tablet or computer.



Open your favorite music app and start streaming!

Hear What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say

Rated 4.8 by 2000 Satisfied Customers star star star star star


star star star star star

"The Range Is Far Greater Than Cheaper Units"

"This device is utterly amazing. Absolutely no discernible signal loss or degradation. The range is far greater than cheaper units."

- Patrick Dowse


star star star star star

"Impressed By Fast Bluetooth Connection"

"The device produces transparent, detailed sound for long fatigue-free listening. Impressed by fast Bluetooth connection (without interruptions when playing all day long). Highly recommend"

- Vlad


star star star star star

" Paired Immediately With My IPhone"

"I was a little apprehensive in this purchase, but I've been very happy with it. Very easy to set-up (2 RCA connections to the receiver/amplifier and of course the power source). Sound quality through my vintage 1991 speakers is very good."

- Ronnie Hucks

We know you can't scrape your beloved system and start over!

Their power, rich sound consistency, and design is something these "new stuff" will never have!

But It's Time To Introduce Them To The 21st Century

If you're reading this, there's a chance your system lacks Bluetooth connectivity altogether or its Bluetooth reception is poor

So what’s the next best option? Standard Bluetooth add-ons!

Well, Until Your Ears Beg You To Make It Stop & Deal With

  • Signal Loss & degradation
  • Complicated Setup & low range
  • Poor Sound Quality & inconsistency

Good news! You can finally revive your never failing vintage systems

...and enjoy music like the GOOD OLE DAYS!

Over 10,000 Happy Audiophiles Have Confirmed That This Is “Easily The Best Way To Stream Digital Lossless Audio From Any Device.”

Unlike Cheaper Units, BluMe Is Designed To Be Consistent, Reliable, And Glitch-Free. While Having The Best Digital To Analog Converter

Reviving your vintage Stereos and opening them up to a world of unlimited music is now in your future.

  • It's Bluetooth without the degradation
  • Featuring both analog and digital outputs
  • For an Immersive Audio Experience

Order Your BluMe Device Today Free Shipping | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

A ‘Better-Than-CD’ Listening Experience

Thanks To An Enhanced Audio Codec!

Extract Every Last Detail From Your Sources

Customer feedback from Allen star star star star star

"Excellent Sound Quality, As Good As Wired Connection." - Allen

“Literally seconds after plugging it in, I had music playing. I was skeptical about the sound quality of a Bluetooth device.

I’m an old school audiophile that’s been in the industry for over two decades. I am pleasantly surprised at the sound quality.

I have an LG HI thinQ. They’ve a great dac when connected by cable. I hear no difference in tonal balance or stereo image on Bluetooth with this device. I would recommend if your on the fence.”

Guaranteed Satisfaction

In Customer Testing, Blume HD Was Proven To Be A Great & Affordable Way To Add Hi-Res Bluetooth Streaming


Said BluMe was compatible with their devices.


Said it was a very easy setup and simple to use.


Experienced sound quality not found with other devices.


A Smart Investment If You Are Not Ready To Replace Your Audio System

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Dr. Brian, Verified Customer star star star star star
"Quick delivery, easy set-up, and the sound quality is nothing like I've ever gotten before. Very satisfied!"
  • Makes any audio system wireless.
  • improved signal to Noise ratio
  • No dropoffs even through walls

Summer Sale: $119 $107.10

ORDER YOUR BLUME DEVICE TODAY Free Shipping | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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1-Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Tech Specs?
  • Bluetooth Version – Bluetooth v5.O
  • Supported Codecs – aptx HD, aptx LL, aptx, AAC, SBC
  • Bluetooth Range– 30 meters, 100 feet
  • Input– Bluetooth
  • Outputs-Stereo Analog RCA, Digital Optical
  • Input Power -5V, 200mA
  • Output Voltage -2.1 Volts RMS
  • Output Impedance – 57 Ohms
  • D/A Converter –PCM5102A
  • Frequency Response – 1OHz – 20kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio -112dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion -93dB
  • PCM Support – 384kHz / 32bit
  • Enclosure – Aluminum
What's in the box?

Auris bluMe HD Hi-Fi Bluetooth Music Receiver


  • 2RCA to 2RCA stereo audio cable
  • 3.5mm to 2RCA splitter cable
  • Power adapter with detachable USB to micro-USB cable
  • Self-adhesive feet bumpers x 4
  • Quick Start Guide
What exactly does this do?
It adds a Bluetooth streaming option on a system that doesn’t have one. If your system has poor Bluetooth reception this device can be a better option. But unlike other units, you get the best sound possible without compromise
Can you pair this with a new modern system, say reve speakers and a new yamaha adventage receiver, or is it just for legacy systems?
You can use the bluMe HD with any receiver that supports Audio In.
Does it work well with Android phones?
Yes, it works well with Android phones.
Can this work with vintage stereo setup (receiver, turntable, and floor speakers)?
Yes, the bluMe HD is compatible with most vintage stereo receivers through their RCA inputs.
Can This Receiver Be Paired With 2 Devices Simultaneously? If So, How Do You Switch Between Both? Automatically Or Manually Disconnect 1 Device?

Yes this receiver supports dual device connection.

Below are the steps to connect the two devices:

  1. Double-tap the Bluetooth button to enter pairing mode.
  2. Search for the device on your mobile device and connect.
  3. When connected, turn off the Bluetooth function on your first mobile device.
  4. Repeat the first step and connect the receiver with the second device, keep the device connected to the receiver.
  5. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your first device and let it connect to the receiver.
  6. The receiver is now connected to two devices. Should you need to disconnect any of the devices, turn off the device’s Bluetooth function or delete the device from your mobile device.
Where do you ship from & when will my order arrive?
We ship from the US to countries Worldwide. Shipping takes 2-8 days.

More Customer Feedback

star star star star star

‘‘Strong signal, quality kit and sound’’

Patrick Dowse

The sound quality is great and when playing through my home amp and speaker it sonds better than my wireless Bose speaker—which is double the price. The data reception stays strong at long range. Very happy.

star star star star star

‘‘Simple to set up and use with awesome sound too’’

Brooklyn Simmons

For me, this little device is fantastic. I have a vintage Sansui G6700 receiver driving a middle of the range pair of Polk tower speaker and the sound from streaming is clear but not too bright, with solid low frequencies and midrange.

star star star star star

"Great product for my audio system."

Thomas Hansknecht

Paired the unit to Iphone and connected optical cord to older Yamaha RX-V673 receiver. The product works great and the music on Iphone that I purchased or stream through Napster plays on my 7 speaker system. Elegant and functional design. Everything I need and nothing I don’t need.

Ready To Try It Yourself?

Order Today And Get 10% Off

Dr. Brian, Verified Customer star star star star star
"Quick delivery, easy set-up, and the sound quality is nothing like I've ever gotten before. Very satisfied!"
  • Makes any audio system wireless.
  • improved signal to Noise ratio
  • No dropoffs even through walls

Summer Sale: $119 $107.10

ORDER YOUR BLUME DEVICE TODAY Free Shipping | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee