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bluMe-Seamless Integration

Designed for Connectivity

bluMe has two gold-plated RCA jacks that can operate as analog outputs. Any audio system with a standard analog audio input can connect to bluMe with the supplied RCA-RCA signal cable. For systems that have 3.5mm “mini” jack input, use the supplied RCA-mini cable. bluMe also features a Digital Optical Out so that you can connect wired sound sources such as a CD player, turntable (with a phono preamp), video streaming device, PC or music server, giving you a 100% pure high-res digital signal through to your sound system.

Plug, Pair and Play

Pairing any smart device to bluMe is a breeze. Simply push the control button on the front of the unit briefly. It automatically goes into pairing mode. Activate Bluetooth in your smart device, select "auris bluMe" from the list of available devices and you’re ready to rock! However bluMe can connect to only one smart device at a time. Where more than one device needs to stream through bluMe, just turn BT off in the first device, turn BT on in the second and select "auris bluMe" as the device. There is no need to reset bluMe and press its control button a second time. It's capable of remembering up to eight devices.