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bluMe - DAC and aptX Low latency

Audiophile DAC

Inside bluMe the world-renowned 'Miracle DAC' AK4396 by AKM, a top of the line high fidelity DAC usually found only in top shelf audiophile home audio and home theater systems. It’s a true 192kHz 24-bit unsampling DAC sporting a high SNR of 120dB and is well regarded for its impressive low noise and low distortion characteristics. Meaning the sound you hear is crystal clear, rich and retains a wonderfully full dynamic range.

High quality Bluetooth® audio

Featuring the latest Bluetooth® 4.1 to stream any format of music from your smart device, laptop or PC, bluMe uses Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and the latest aptX® Low Latency, a superior performance digital audio codec. This combination of advanced hardware and firmware brings out the best possible sound from your digital sources as compared to standard Bluetooth streamed music.

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