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How Does a Bluetooth Amplifier Work?

  • 5 min read

How Does a Bluetooth Amplifier Work? - Auris, Inc

The audiophile community is full of people constantly striving to achieve the best possible audio experience. From expensive stereo systems to studio reference monitors to the pinnacle of wireless audio technology, people who care about their listening experience are constantly willing to try new things, even if there’s little to no market research to prove the effectiveness of any one given product.  

This leads companies that try to take advantage of new fads in the audio industry, churning out poor quality products with very little research and development. As a result, it can be incredibly difficult to find devices that actually improve the listening experience instead of just breaking the bank.  

Here at Auris, we strive to be different. Our transparency and our passion for audio set us apart when it comes to the products we bring to market, and our goal is to create products that provide listeners with a magical experience that is the result of the combination of convenience and auditory enjoyment.  

In this article, we’re going to discuss the Bluetooth amplifier, the science behind the technology, how it works, and why it’s worth investing in as a way to improve your audio experience.  


What is A Bluetooth Amplifier?

Understanding technology is a complicated uphill battle. Because there’s never any shortage of products brought to market, trying to stay on top of them can seem incredibly daunting. The Bluetooth headphone amp is one such product. Because it hasn’t been around for long, it’s a good idea to start by defining what it is. 

A Bluetooth amplifier is designed to convert your favorite pair of wired headphones into wireless Bluetooth headphones by harnessing the radio frequency communication of Bluetooth technology.    

What Is Bluetooth?

As a technology,Bluetooth originated in Sweden in the late 1990s. Its original purpose was to eliminate the need for unnecessary cable connections between devices from different manufacturers. 

For example, if you have a smartphone from Apple and a speaker from JBL or Bose, it could be difficult to get an audio signal from one to the other due to the fact that the two devices both have rather proprietary connections.  

However, Bluetooth allows devices to connect to one another with short-range radio frequencies that alternate several hundred times a second. This also lends itself to security, making Bluetooth connection a very secure way for data to be transferred.  

Bluetooth Wireless Technology (BWT) has nearly unlimited potential, especially in the Internet of Things (or IoT), and is currently also used in smart speakers, smart home implementations, and several other devices. 

Why Should You Invest In a Bluetooth Amplifier?

The number one reason people usually switch from a wired listening experience to a wireless listening experience is that wireless is more convenient. If you’re looking to work out and listen to music at the same time, it can be incredibly restrictive to use headphones with a wire that gets caught in clothes, wrapped around an arm, or pulled out in the middle of a set.  So, for the sake of convenience, people make the switch to Bluetooth audio.

The problem with that switch is that Bluetooth audio was generally considered lower quality for several years due to lower frequency response and a worse sound stage. However, in the last few years, the technology has advanced infinitely more than it had in the past thanks to several new advancements and some new devices that have transformed the Bluetooth listening experience.  

One of the most transformative devices now available on the market is the Bluetooth headphone amplifier. Essentially,a Bluetooth amplifier can be used to increase the signal sent or received by any Bluetooth device.  

In audio, this improves the sound quality by boosting the signal, which creates a more high-fidelity experience because there is less signal loss and more signal integrity across the board. 

Are Bluetooth Amplifiers A Scam?

While manysources on the internet claim to be pointing out that expensive digital audio amplifiers are a scam, this is simply not trueat Auris.  

Because the majority of Hi-Fi audio is now stored in a digital format and streamed digitally, a digital Bluetooth amplifier can work wonders to transform your wired headphones into Bluetooth headphones with jaw-dropping fidelity. 

Thanks to an incredibly high-frequency response rate, high-fidelity audio is completely possible.  

The argument that anything above $2 just increases feature-set rather than audio quality is simply incorrect. The audiophile community is qualified to make decisions on audio quality due to several decades of experience in the space. Audio professionals and audiophiles are more likely to notice smaller improvements in quality, sound stage, and frequency response than just people on the internet in general.  

Additionally, a larger feature set can be an excellent selling point for audio enthusiasts.  Having granular control over the audio experience is one of the main reasons people invest in higher quality audio equipment rather than relying purely on volume up/volume down control.  

Being able to adjust gain settings, tweak EQ, and the ability to switch between several inputs is exactly what people are looking for in premium gear.  So pointing out that spending more money only gets you an increased feature set isn’t a legitimate reason to be disappointed.         

The Future of Bluetooth

As mentioned earlier in this article, the technology that creates the foundation for Bluetooth data transfer is virtually limitless. As of today,market research says that by 2024, Bluetooth will dominate the IoT marketplace with a device saturation of over 30%. The ability to scale Bluetooth across a wide range of devices and in a wide range of use cases cannot be understated.  

Bluetooth technology allows developers to mesh together several devices, as well as integrating with Radio Direction Finding (RDF) and Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) devices to almost quadruple Bluetooth’s ability to find and communicate devices in a wider range. 

As more industries and more technologies rely on Bluetooth, the future of Bluetooth is incredibly bright, especially since it is a secure way to transfer data from one device to another. Because of how often the frequencies change, it’s virtually impossible to hack or penetrate the Bluetooth data stream except without access to the source.   

Auris Bluetooth: Our Story and Mission

At Auris,our story revolves around a team of people who love audio, working together to transfer that love of audio solutions to a broader market to simplify and enhance the modern lifestyle. 

The simplicity of design and the wide variety of functions brought together can create a lifestyle for people to escape the limits of stationary listening and being tied to one location because of wires. The audio experience is so much more than just the music itself and goes far beyond how people feel exactly in the moment.  

At Auris, we are constantly striving to create products that provide people with an enduring experience that lasts beyond the first time they hear a specific song or watch a specific show.  

The Amplify Hi-Fi Wireless Headphone Amplifier

In line with our mission, we developed theAmplify Hi-Fi Wireless Headphone Amplifier. It’s designed to turn your favorite pair of wired headphones into a pair of Hi-Fi wireless Bluetooth headphones.  

Thanks to 768KHz frequency response and a 32bit DAC, you can enjoy Hi-Fi audio via Bluetooth across a wide variety of audio codecs, including AAC, aptX, aptX HD, aptXLL, and LDAC.  

The Amplify comes with a wide feature set and features the Qualcomm CSR8675 and an Audiophile Grade Digital to Audio Converter and Amplifier. Additionally, it features a 300mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery so that you can enjoy your music, shows, or movies on the go for 12-hours or longer.



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